Welcome / 歡迎


Dear Friends,
We have to cancel February 18, 2018 service, because our school building is closing for holiday.
Please come to next service on February 25, 2018.
Happy New Year 🙂

Welcome to New Hope Church’s Website. New Hope Church (NHC) is an English – Chinese bilingual Christian church in Taipei and is affiliated with the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. We invite you to worship God and to fellowship with us!
來到希望教會網站。希望教會是個在台北的中文 – 英文雙語基督教會,且附屬於在台灣的改革宗長老教會體系。 誠摯地邀請您與我們一起敬拜上帝及團契。

Let us get to know you! 讓我們認識您!

This week’s sermon recording 這週主日講道錄音

February 11, 2018, Matthew 5:17-20, “Law and Delight” by Jack Hu
2018年2月11日, 馬太福音 5:17-20

Church’s Weekly Schedule 教會每週行程:

  • Bible Studies 查經:
    • Mandarin Chinese 中文 1:00 PM; Every Sunday at Church(after lunch)
    • Taiwanese 臺語 12:45 PM; Every Sunday at Church (after lunch)