About / 關於希望教會

Who are we?

New Hope Church is a bilingual, Bible-believing congregation, committed to the ordinary means of grace. We seek to glorify God by preaching and practicing the whole Word of God and its message of salvation through Christ alone in the context of a body of believers who understands that they are sinners saved by God’s sovereign grace.

希望教會為信奉聖經的雙語教會,致力於施行一般的 蒙恩之道(上帝的話,聖禮與禱告)。我們以深知自己為神完全的主權下蒙恩得救,並以信徒群體的身分傳講並遵行一切神的話及唯一救主耶穌基督之訊息,藉此榮耀神。

We meet for services every Sunday at 10:00, followed by a fellowship meal and Bible study. There is also a weekly prayer meeting on Wednesday night at 7:30, as well as other fellowships in which you can be involved.

我們每週星期天早上 10:00 聚會敬拜,接著團契、一起吃吃飯,隨後查經。每週禮拜三晚上 7:30 有禱告會,週間還有其他團契,歡迎參與!

We are a connected church — our local church has affiliated with other churches in the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan denomination. We coordinate with other churches in the presbytery to train and examine pastoral candidates, plan evangelism and ministry outreaches, etc.


What do we believe? 我們所信為何?

The Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. God has given it to us as the rule of our faith.

In the history of God’s church, Christians have made many statements summarizing the basic teachings of the faith found in God’s Word.

New Hope holds to the Apostles’ and Nicean Creeds and summaries from the Protestant Reformation… the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, the Canons of Dordt, the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confessions, and the Second Helvetic Confession.

聖經乃受上帝啓示的,且是一本完全的(不多,不少,無誤),記載著神的話語。 上帝已經賜下這本聖經給我們,作為我們信仰的準則。



Our Vision 教會展望

To be an evangelistic, church-planting church. We want to serve Christ, not our own human organization, and willingly give all and risk all to further God’s Kingdom. To glorify God and enjoy him forever by growing in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

We want to reach Taiwan for Christ, be a movement for church-planting, and to build up the Body of Christ both locally and throughout the world.

作為一個福音傳教,教會培育之教會。 我們是要服事基督,不是我們人的這個組織,並且甘願全心全力又承擔風險,以致於進一步榮耀上帝的國。在恩典與對救主耶穌基督的認識上不斷成長,據此榮耀 神並永遠享受 神。