About / 關於希望教會

Who are we?

New Hope Church was started on the first week of January 2003. We are committed to biblical preaching on the whole counsel of God, contemporary application, and participatory style worship services. Our church’s English and Mandarin Sections meet for a bilingual service at 10:00 on Sundays. We eat lunch together each Sunday. There are also weekday home fellowship groups you can be involved in.

We are a connected church — our local church has affiliated with other churches in the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Taiwan denomination. We coordinate with other churches in the presbytery to train and examine pastoral candidates, plan evangelism and ministry outreaches, support drug rehab and prison mercy ministries, etc.

希望教會創立于2003年1月的第一個禮拜,在台北市台灣大學附近聚會。 我們忠於以聖經為根據傳揚上帝的話語並領受祂的忠告,重視現今時代的教導應用,及提供具有參與機會的敬拜和教會服事。 教會的中英部一起在每週日上午十點參與雙語主日崇拜。 我們每週日在教會共進午餐。 週間有一些查經聚會可供你參與。


What do we believe?

The Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. God has given it to us as the rule of our faith.

In the history of God’s church, Christians have made many statements summarizing the basic teachings of the faith found in God’s Word.

New Hope holds to the Apostles’ and Nicean Creeds and summaries from the Protestant Reformation… the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, the Canons of Dordt, the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confessions, and the Second Helvetic Confession.

But everyone is encouraged to openly bring up their questions and doubts. And we go to the Scriptures to find the answers, and look to the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth from God’s Word.

聖經乃受上帝啓示的,且是一本完全的(不多,不少,無誤),記載著神的話語。 上帝已經賜下這本聖經給我們,作為我們信仰的準則。




Our Vision

To be an evangelistic, church-planting church. We want to serve Christ, not our own human organization, and willingly give all and risk all to further God’s Kingdom.

We want to reach Taiwan for Christ, be a movement for church-planting, and to build up the Body of Christ both locally and throughout the world.

作為一個福音傳教,教會培育之教會。 我們是要服事基督,不是我們人的這個組織,並且甘願全心全力又承擔風險,以致於進一步榮耀上帝的國。